R & D

The Type of R&D Work We Do...

J4TG Lasers has a Team of Laser Technology Experts and Physicists that work tirelessly developing new technologies, testing existing technologies and pushing their thresholds as well as completing "Theory into Actuality" research applicable for laser technology advancement. J4TG Lasers has the capability to complete research, development and due-diligence projects as a point of service expert in the field of laser technology however we are also able to work as a support sub-contractor and/or in cooperation with any University laser technology department. J4TG Lasers actively seeks "R&D Funding" to further develop, test and advance new and existing lasers and will adhere to any prerequisites outlined by the funding entity.

Kurt J Lesker Dry E-Beam Disposition PVD Electron Beam Applications (or Lab Equipment)...

The Kurt J. Lesker Company® LAB Line E-Beam is a thin film deposition system purpose built for electron beam deposition applications. A chamber design tailored to fit process needs, an industry best software control system with advanced programming capability, load lock capability, and numerous features for optimized thin film performance are a few of the advantages offered in this innovative design.

The LAB Line E-Beam i series is compatible with the following techniques:

  • Electron Beam Evaporation (KL-6 5kW - 4-pocket x 8cc standard, KL-8 10kW -
  • 6-pocket x 20cc optional)
  • Ion source upgrade for substrate etch or ion assisted deposition
  • Custom configurations are available upon request
  • Intuitive for new PVD users whilst advanced for seasoned professionals


  • R&D E-Beam Deposition
  • Lift-off Evaporation
  • Shadow Evaporation
  • Optical Films
  • Semiconductor Development

CVD Diamond

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Increasing applications of chemical vapour deposited (CVD) diamond have raised the need for efficient and robust microwave plasma reactors which are optimized for the large area deposition of diamond films and wafers. On the basis of extended numerical simulations Fraunhofer IAF has developed a novel microwave plasma CVD technology. An ellipsoidal cavity is used to focus the microwave energy into an intense and extended plasma. These ellipsoidal plasma reactors exhibit a combination of beneficial properties including;

Large area deposition: homogeneous deposition of CVD diamond on 3" (2.45 GHz) and 6" (915 MHz) substrates possible.

Stability: Long-term operation possible, no plasma instabilities.

Versatility: The reactor can be run under various conditions (pressure, power etc.).

Growth of high-purity diamond: Properties of CVD diamond disks are identical to those of perfect single diamond crystals.

This patented reactor technology has been successfully commercialized. The two figures show ellipsoidal plasma reactors which are fully computer controlled and equipped with all the safety units necessary for the operation in an industrial environment. The reactors are operated at 2.45 GHz, 6 kW (upper figure) and 915 MHz, 30-60 kW (lower figure), respectively.

Our Laboratory & Field Study Capabilities...

J4TG Lasers owns and operates a diversity of high-tech and expensive laser equipment at multiple facilities throughout the United States. In addition we have cooperative partnerships with Industry Leaders and Universities that enable us to conduct standard and/or sensitive research within open and/or controlled environments. Our cooperative building initiatives are ongoing and we seek to have an instrumental impact on laser technology improvement and new technology development. For more information use our Contact Us page as we will be happy to elaborate on what we can do.