Our Team

Jonathan Saunders


Jonathan is a US Army Veteran with an advanced background in Cyber Security, IT Infrastructure and Laser Development, Manufacturing and Applied Innovation. Jonathan is also the CEO of www.J4TG.com which is the parent company of J4TG Lasers and has a proven track record of excellence in contract fulfillment within the government, public and private sectors.

US Military Veterans

Key Roles

J4TG Lasers has an impressive CBDT (core business development team) consisting of US Military Veterans whenever possible. J4TG Lasers and J4TG prefers to employ Veterans who meet or exceed our hiring standards.

Scientific Professionals

Senior Roles

J4TG Lasers employs and utilizes sub-contractors and cooperative partners who have advanced scientific backgrounds that include physics and other disciplines that are related to laser technology. We have an in-house CBDT (core business development team) that manages those we contract and/or cooperate with


If you would like immediate consideration for working for J4TG Lasers as an employee, sub-contractor or cooperative partner please fill out the form and attached your resume or company resume and a member of our CBDT (core business development team) will be in touch with you promptly. You may also fax your inquiry and resume to 202-660-1437. J4TG Lasers is an Equal Opportunity Employer however due to the nature of our work and the requirements of our Clients candidates must be prepared to pass a background and drug screening upon request.







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