Contract Fulfillment

Response to RFA, RFI, RFP and RFQ Synopsis Opportunities

J4TG Lasers submits formal proposals and/or bids on select “Requests” published by governmental agencies and companies within the public and private sectors. We follow the guidelines set forth in the synopsis published that is seeking an application, information, proposal or quote.

Cooperative Opportunities

J4TG Lasers works in close association with our cooperatives to pursue public, private and governmental sector opportunities that require fulfillment to be completed in cooperative with multiple entities who bring different elements to the project.

Research & Development

J4TG Lasers actively seeks R&D Funding so that we can have a continued role in the advancement and innovation of new and existing laser technologies. We can fulfill contracts and research grants as a stand alone expert in lasers or as a sub-contractor in a supportive role.

Industry Partnerships

J4TG Lasers also actively pursues mutually beneficial relationships with Industry Leaders in Laser and Laser Component manufacturing, servicing and training resulting in a highly capable network of other companies who have greater turnkey capabilities working as a Team.

There are two primary approaches J4TG Lasers applies to contract fulfillment and they are;

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