J4TG-Lasers is an independent subsidiary of J4TG specializing in laser technology development, design, testing and production for the Public, Private and Governmental sectors. Our parent company J4TG is an IT solutions company who supports the J4TG-Lasers division. J4TG-Lasers has a seasoned CBDT (core business development team) made up of experts in the fields of lasers and physics with a proven track record in new laser technology design, theory into actuality research and development and prototype production.


What We Do

J4TG-Lasers focuses on the following primary categories of products and services;

  • Defense & Military Laser Technology Development
  • Manufacturing, Medical & Industry Grade Laser Design
  • Theory into Actuality Research & Development
  • Laser Testing & Prototype Design
  • Laser Device Enhancement, Design & Production

R & D

One of J4TG-Lasers primary focus areas is in the field of Lasers Design, Testing and Prototype Development whereas we are constantly engaged in Research and Development. J4TG-Lasers works as both a stand alone theory into actuality laser designer as well as a cooperative partner with other industry leaders and select Universities physics departments. J4TG-Laser actively seeks R&D funding to continuously improve laser technologies for the Public, Private and Governmental sectors.


How We Work

J4TG-Lasers follows a self-imposed protocol for quality control and customer services that exceeds industry standards. Our primary goal is to provide turnkey products and services within the various fields of laser technologies. J4TG-Lasers also takes pride in working with others for mutual benefit and will quickly become a valued cooperative partner to those with whom we associate.


Contract Fulfillment

J4TG-Lasers is ready and capable to fulfill any contract agreement, be it for technology design, testing, prototype manufacturing or production. We work with a select group of other businesses, service providers and laser technology leaders to ensure contract fulfillment within any given time frame we obligate ourselves to.


Why Work With Us

Results! The primary reason you should choose to work with J4TG-Lasers is because of our capacity to deliver results. J4TG-Lasers can deliver on time and on schedule whenever we take on a contract fulfillment obligation. Our Team has a proven track record and we are ready to be of service.


Our Team

Our Team members have advanced applicable knowledge in laser technologies, laser manufacturing, physics and new laser product design and development. J4TG-Lasers does not disclose the names of our Team members unless we are engaged with your entity to protect their identity.


Theory into Actuality

J4TG-Lasers is a “Leader” in laser innovation and a considerable amount of our knowledge base as well as our success has derived from turning theory into actuality. This classifies J4TG-Lasers as a top tier fulfillment contractor relative to Research and Development.